Start with the Heart

Design thinking starts with a deep understanding of consumers’ emotions and desires. You’re designing for a delightful user experience, and that can only come from understanding the interaction in various contexts between emotions, intentions, and behavior.
It requires developing insights about people’s technology choices, how they interact with their networks, and when they engage with technology. What new behaviors are emerging or can be enabled by these insights?

Expectations Who and What

It’s simply not enough to offer a better experience than your direct competitor; you need to consider your “experiential” competitors.

When customers like what disruptors are delivering, that’s what they want and expect from every business.

Analyze and Adjust

We believe that to address questions around customer experience effectively, you have to run a design-led stream in tandem with an analytical stream. The former provides you options that meet a customer need, while the latter defines and refines a business need.
Defining the business need is a core and critical input into any design process. These two streams will often come into conflict—focusing on “delighting” customers may not be enough in itself to create a viable or sustainable business.

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My estimates are competitive and the quality of my design work is top notch. I have a 20+ year history in website design and graphic arts around the Michiana area and abroad. You are welcome to ask around or check out some of my creative design testimonials for confirmation. I would love to help you with your next creative project and develop a long, successful relationship with your company.

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